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Great Gatsby

            The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald was the quintessential example of literature that displayed the corruption in the 1920s. The main quality I liked about The Great Gatsby is was the way Fitzgerald was able to take a story that seemed like a normal love story and turned it into much more. I choose this piece of literature because it gives you an outlook on what the time period felt like. Fitzgerald was creative in his composition but at the same time was able to get a serious message through.
             Fitzgerald uses the character Nick to observe the two sides of the problem presented. During the 1920's many people were making money in new ways and they had a lapse in moral and social values. The book discusses a battle between "new money" being bootleggers like Gatsby and "old money" being the traditional family that Daisy comes from. The "new money" people were the people who had recently made money in their new crafty ways that were morally incorrect; they represented a corrupt way of achieving the American Dream. The people of "old money" who worked really hard from the ground up to make their money, which caused a conflict between the two groups. This novel portrays a problem of people making money by doing things against the law. At what point is living out the American Dream harmful to others? .
             The Great Gatsby was the first thing that came to mind when I read the assignment because it accurately portrays the spirit of the times. It shows the eccentric millionaire Gatsby entertaining his guests who are pursuing pleasure through the parties he throws that are the root of all corruption of the American Dream. Those people who did whatever they could to enjoy themselves at whatever costs are exactly what Gatsby was in making his money with total disregard to how he was making it. I choose this novel because of how Fitzgerald was able to make connections between these parallel ideas.

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