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Great Gatsby

            Deeper Thought: the symbolism of "The Great Gatsby".
             It is understood that in language, each word has a specific understood.
             meaning, and each combination of words has a compiled meaning. But throughout.
             history, there have been writers who pushed the limits of words, who brought an.
             underlying meaning to the words, and demanded consideration from their readers. F.
             Scott Fitzgerald was able to bring more depth into simple words. He was able to.
             portray more than one meaning with simple sentences. Fitgerald used amazing.
             symbolism throughout the book "The Great Gatsby", and it forces the reader to.
             consider each word for more than face value.
             Because of the great quantity of underlying symbolism within the story, it is.
             difficult to select just two aspects to focus on. However, in the following paragraphs I.
             have decided to examine the symbolism of "Daisy's voice" and also of "The Green.
             Light". .
             Throughout the story, Daisy's character changes in the eyes of the reader from.
             someone who is sympathized with, pitied, to someone with which it is almost.
             impossible to feel anything but contempt. Her voice is a recurring theme in the book,.
             and it was described somewhat abstractly, as if the sound of it could not be put into.
             words, until the following passage on page 127:.
             ""She's got an indiscreet voice, " I remarked. "Its full of---".
             I hesitated. .
             "Her voice is full of money." he said suddenly. .
             That was it. I"d never understood before. It was full of money-- that was the.
             inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals" song in it.
             High in a white palace the king's daughter, the golden girl.".
             In this passage, we gain further understanding into the character of Daisy.
             Gatsby observes something that we as readers are forced to imagine and consider.
             This passage marks the beginning of the change of Daisy in a readers mind. It has.
             begun to be understood that Daisy is a vision of perfection Gatsby has held all this.

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