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the great gatsby

            The Great Gatsby- Essay .
             The novel "The Great Gatsby" is a story about mistaken identity. Through real I had found the identity given to Mr. James Gats to be realistic and gloomy. The outcome of this novel can be compared to princess Diana's death in the sense of car accidents, money, and a person speeding away from a car crash.
             "The Great Gatsby" is a man who threw great parties and lived in a mansion. Gatsby although rich, loved Daisy Buchanan, which was one problem he could fix with money. This novel explains how one could live life truthfully but with just one minor mistake and could end up dead. James Gats was brought up in a wealthy house and later became a soldier to fight in a war. Before James Gats went to war he had a serious relationship with Daisy in which she promised to wait for him until the end of world war one, to continue their relationship. Only two years after the war started Daisy fell in love with Tom Buchanan whom she married.
             After Mr. Gatsby finished returning home from the war he went to Oxford University. He did this because he wanted to gain a high paying job to support a lady such as Daisy who was been accustom to expensive taste, "Her voice is full of money": Gatsby, however, after he heard about Daisy marrying Tom, he devoted himself to get Daisy back at high costs "It excited him too that many men had already loved Daisy- it increased her value in his eyes."-Nick. In Gatsby's attempt to win Daisy back, he bought a great mansion with the millions that he inherited. Next, he changed his name from James Gats to Jay Gatsby. Throughout this novel the author gradually explained Gatsby's history, starting from chapter three. .
             In chapter seven it is revealed by Tom that Mr. Gatsby dealt with illegal liquor and security in his childhood. This created a whole new look to Gatsby's identity. "He and this Wolfshiem bought up a lot of side street drug stores here and in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter".

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