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The Great Gatsby

             The Great Gatsby died? Yes, The Great Gatsby died, alone with no true friends, without love. Gatsby died without achieving his goal in life, to have his true love, Daisy all to himself. Should somebody really die like this? The endings in the novel, "The Great Gatsby", can be changed dramatically. .
             In the novel, "The Great Gatsby", I think Gatsby should have killed Tom, thinking that he would have Daisy all to himself. After Tom was killed, Daisy would disappear for three months and then return to Gatsby. Upon Daisy's return she would either go to Gatsby admitting that she is a week, shallow, dependent person, and live happily with him or she could return to Gatsby finding that he has fallen in love with a mystery woman.
             This ending could also have another twist. When Gatsby goes to shoot Tom and Daisy dives in front of Tom, gets shot, and dies. After Gatsby sees what he has done, he shots himself because he has nothing else to live for.
             An ending in this book that would make Gatsby happy would be that, Tom and Jordan are flirting and dancing and having fun all night at one of Gatsby's parties. Nick is watching them the whole night and becomes very jealous and angry with Tom. Nick discusses this incident with Daisy. Daisy comes up with a perfect plan so she can run away with Gatsby because she is still truly in love with him. She plans to murder Tom and frame Nick of doing it out of jealously. Daisy goes about her plan and later Nick is sent to prison for life and Daisy runs away with Gatsby, rich from Gatsby's money and the money she has inherited.
             This novel could easily be turned around, it is all in the matter of who kills who, and who comes out happy. Just remember people will do anything for revenge, to get what they want, and money. Just because you have money does not mean you are happy. Some of the richest people in the world die miserable and alone.

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