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The Great Gatsby Question

            Explain the statement: "Her voice is full of money.
             In the book, "The Great Gatsby," Daisy Buchanan is Tom Buchanan's wife, and Nick Carraway's second cousin. Before Daisy and Tom are married, Daisy and Gatsby meet, and start seeing eachother. Gatsby has not grown up with a lot of money, but in spite of Daisy's materialistic attitude, she falls for him anyway. Gatsby us forced to go off to World War I before Daisy and him can be wed or get any further involved with their romantic relationship.
             While Gatsby is off to war, Daisy meets a man named Tom Buchanan. Using his money, he influences Daisy to become involved with him. Tom ends up buying Daisy's love with a $300,000.00 necklace. Although she wanted to call it off on the day of the wedding, she does not. He had the money that Daisy wanted, that Gatsby couldn't provide her with. .
             When Gatsby comes home from the war, he finds out that Daisy is married. Becoming involved with some illegal business deals, he makes a great deal of money. He buys a huge house on the bay to be across from Daisy. He also has many great parties in hope that Daisy would notice him. .
             When Daisy finally finds out where Gatsby is and about his money that he has, she falls back in love with him. Everything that Gatsby owns has been attained for the only purpose of fulfilling his dream to get Daisy back. Daisy is, of, course, impressed with the house and all of Gatsby's possessions. In chapter five, she is overwhelmed by it all, and she collapses, sobbing into his mound of expensive shirts, saying, "They"re such beautiful shirts. It makes me sad because I've never seen such beautiful shirts before." .
             (This is a great example of Daisy's materialistic attitude.).
             Throughout the whole book, we are shown that Daisy is a very material person. She needs to have money in her life. She was very much in love with Gatsby, but because he wasn't wealthy, she married someone else.

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