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Historical Overview of the 1920's

            This section we had to read was about the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the New Deal, and the World War II. During these times America went through many changes economically, socially and politically. American's life style changed completely by all the new inventions made such as the car and radio and also by the new style of culture like new music and new customs. Also the great depression was went Americas economy went down and it was a total mess. Many people were left jobless, trying to find a union to be in or at least a job by lining up during. Lastly, the new president Roosevelt introduced his idea of the New Deal which would help America get back on its feet.
             1. Explain some changes that had taken place in peoples style.
             Some major changes that had taken place in people was their style. More and more people decided to move to cities and stop living in farms. With that adjustment, also came the rural to urban change. People didn't dress so old-fashioned anymore. Women didn't wear those big feathery heavy hats anymore and instead wore the smaller more comfortable ones if they wanted instead. They didn't have to wear long dresses and now they could wear shorter ones, or even skirts. .
             Analyze some of the technological advances. .
             During the 1920s people made some pretty cool things. Because of the new migration to the north, there was an economic boost. One of the most famous one was the horseless carriage or also known as the automobile. Electricity was also available to reach households so people could now have home appliances. The motion picture industry was also a great deal during these times since now people could watch movies. Last but not least was the invention of the plane which helped make traveling a lot easier.
             How was jazz a great impact during the 1920s?.
             Jazz began among African Americans and their love for new tunes near New Orleans but quickly spread up north reaching Chicago.

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