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Mexican Economy

             For our project we chose to introduce bottled water into the country of Mexico. The name of the product and the company will be Fressia Agua. In producing and transporting our product we plan to produce the product in the U. S. and then have it exported into Mexico. In our studies we found that sociocultural acceptance will not be a problem do to the fact that the quality of water throughout Mexico is so bad and because bottled water in that country already exists. Our finished research contains the size of the market (demographics), legal environment, competition in the market, economic climate, political climate, methods for distribution, labor climate, and the financial viability relating to the company. We then concluded with an end result.
             Mexico is a civil law country. U.S business people and foreign owned corporations doing business in Mexico must directly and indirectly deal with the Mexican legal system. Business people through an international contract, which they enter into with a Mexican company or individual, might encounter Mexico's system. Most of the contracts are negotiated covering the distribution of products, the granting of franchises, or the transfer of technology, among other legal relationships. Business people should have at least a general working knowledge of the system. If they are to accomplish their objectives they must work within the system, not against it. Knowing the difference between the U.S. and Mexico legal system would help business people and companies is the best source of information regarding specific legal questions. .
             US/Mexico Border Overview .
             Since the passage of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association) treaty, business has boomed in the border area. The 2,lOO-mile international boundary consists of the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas on the US side and Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora and Tamaulipas on the Mexican side.

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