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Mexican Revolution Essay

             The purpose of this essay is to determine the key goals of the Mexican Revolution and to find out the extent to which those goals have been achieved by 1940. The Mexican Revolution had several key goals, such as reconstruction and stabilization of the economy, development of nationalism, political development and social improvement. These goals drastically affected the Mexico's social, political and economical aspects, whereas the personal goals of each leader were aimed towards their supporters and themselves. However, some of them were not carried out very well, as different leaders with different agendas changed the flow of the revolution, partially disrupting the changes that were taking place. Not all of these key goals were fully achieved by 1940. Few goals that were actually achieved to higher extent are the economical and political reforms. The Mexican economy changed drastically from a small, unproductive and unstable to more robust and stable economy by 1940. Political system of Mexico was transformed from a fascist dictatorship to more democratic single-party system, which incorporated several social groups. Other goals that were not achieved very well are the development of nationalism and improvement in social aspects. Nationalism, which started very late in the Mexican Revolution, was seldom dealt by leaders, but people of Mexico was slowly developing it by themselves. Problems in the society such as poverty and land distribution were never fully solved. Some key goals of the revolution were achieved, however most of the key goals were not achieved to an extent to make an impact on Mexico by 1940.
             The key goals of the Mexican Revolution related to every aspect of Mexican people and government, such as economy and politics. Reconstruction and stabilization of Mexico's economy was one of the key goals of the Mexican Revolution. This was mainly due to the economic situation after Mexico's war with Spain for independence .

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