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The animals Vs revolution leaders By: Julian Sym

            The animals compared to people from the Russian revolution.
             Most of the characters in animal farm have counterparts from the Russian revolution, or are related to different parts of the revolution in some way. Since the book was based on the Russian Revolution, main animal characters and people in the story represent individuals, or different classes of Russian citizens. The book starts out very much like the actual Russian revolution; with hopes for a new empire where all are equal, and the unfair, unjust leader is thrown out. This is related to when Mr. Jones is overpowered by the starving animals (as written on page 12). Then it goes onto where different individuals begin to take more power than they should. Gradually the "rulers" have taken over the "kingdom" and the farm is functioning as it was under Mr. Jones's authority. The essay compares the characters from Animal Farm to main players of the Revolution and classes of Russian citizens at the time of the revolt. The essay will compare animal to man from top of the leadership hierarchy to the bottom. The hypothesis being it that the animal hierarchy and the revolution hierarchy shall be consistent. .
             At the top rung of the hierarchy ladder were the pigs. Each pig represents someone different in the revolution. Old Major the prize-winning boar was the inspirational leader of the farm animals. Old Major inspired the animals to revolt against Mr. Jones and humans by telling them of his dream of a perfect world which he called "Animalism". Old Major's speech carries on through the first eight pages. Old Major was like Karl Marx. Karl Marx was like Old Major because he dreamed up a wonderful new form of government by and for the people where everyone was equal. It was as a result of this vision for a better world, and Karl Marx's convincing ways that the Czar and his family were killed. Unfortunately his dream would never work out as planned, neither did Old Major's dream.

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