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Animal Farm

             George Orwell's Animal Farm is a fable based on the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, from 1917 to the end of World War Two. All the characters in this story are presented as animals. The fable teaches how revolutions are made, and how they are later corrupted.
             In the beginning, all the animals had a common dream; they all wanted a better and improved government. The more intelligent animals, found ways to trick the less intelligent animals, until the government turned so corrupt, that no animal was able to speak anymore, without being threatened in one way or another. .
             It all started with the revolution against Mr.Jones, the owner of Manor Farm. No animal liked being ruled by Mr.Jones, who starved and butchered the animals. After the revolution, the animals changed the farms name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. .
             Everything went well, until, the politicians secretly took more food. This was the first sign of corruption in the government after the revolution. Later on, the "Seven Commandments" were made, and the pigs, which assumed the position of leadership, started to teach all the other animals what to do and what not to do.
             All the animals took no regard in what was happening, until one day, they noticed that their government, in its present form, was not at all the dream they shared in the revolution. Their former leader Snowball was chased out leaving the animals with Napoleon. Napoleon stole six puppies turning them into the secret police, threatening everybody to do as they were told, or get torn apart by the dogs. The animals were all of a sudden, not aloud to sing the national anthem anymore, or do anything that was not approved of by their leader first. Napoleon made the animals confess for things they have never done, taking away everything that was once theirs. At this point some of the animals realized that they were worse off with this new type of government called "Animalism," or commonly defined as Communism, than they were with the government they had before the revolution.

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