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animal farm

            The novel Animal Farm by George Orwell was a very .
             interesting, complex, and informing novel.
             novel, George Orwell uses farm animals to portray .
             people of power and the common people during the .
             Russian Revolution. The novel starts off with .
             Major explaining to all the animals in the farm .
             how they are being treated wrongly and how they .
             can over throw their owner, Mr. Jones. They .
             finally gang up on their owner and he leaves the .
             farm. Then they start their own farm with their .
             own rules and commandments. Originally the two .
             people in charge of the "Animal Farm", which they .
             titled it, were Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon .
             was really greedy and wanted all the power to be .
             his, so he got the animals to turn on Snowball and .
             make him leave the farm. After Napoleon took over .
             the pigs started disobeying the commandments that .
             the pigs, as well as all the other animals, .
             organized and wrote down at the beginning of their .
             take over. Soon the pigs have disobeyed, and/or .
             changed every law there was from the beginning, .
             and the pigs start acting and looking like humans. .
             After that "Animal Farm" slowly starts to loose .
             power and Mr. Jones takes back over. This is a .
             style analysis of Animal Farm. .
             Diction, language and imagery are three important .
             elements in a style analysis. A word choice that .
             is used a lot in the novel is "rebellion". .
             Rebellion is a word used instead of a revolution .
             or a war. Another word that is used a lot in the .
             novel is "comrade". Comrade means an intimate .
             friend or associate. Comrade is used in that form .
             in the novel, instead of saying that someone was .
             their friend the animals called him their comrade. .
             ""No, comrades, a thousand times no!""(p. 28), .
             that quote was used when one of the animals is .
             expressing to his friends that they will no longer .
             take what man has to offer. Personification is the .
             attribution of human characteristics to something .
             that is not human. The word "enemy" is a .
             personification, because it is a not human word .

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