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Animal Farm as a Utopia

            In the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, the animals transformed Manor Farm into a utopia to suit all their basic needs. The animals established one central belief system that everyone could understand and follow on the farm, which they called animalism. Being on a farm, they also had all the necessities of life in order to survive and have a thriving community. Their favorite aspect of their newfound life was essentially the fact that the animals were in complete control, not under human power. With their planning and teamwork, the animals of Manor Farm, which eventually became Animal Farm, created a utopian society to inhabit. The animals of Animal Farm had one cardinal belief in which all the animals agreed on and followed. This belief was animalism. They established a set of standard rules that would guide all animals through the success of animalism called the 7 Commandments" (Orwell p.). These commandments are very similar to religious rules or commandments in the sense that they forbid acts such as murder of one's kind or following anything but the written teachings of your belief. "All animals are equal"" (Orwell p.) was the basis of animalism along with the thought that humans are bad. The only thing that the animals had to believe in but wasn't directly told to them since Old Major spoke to them was that animalism can succeed. The animals all followed a primary system of rules and beliefs that helped Animal Farm become a utopia.
             Animal Farm, being an agricultural site and a home, had all the supplies needed for the lives of all the animals to be blissful. The pigs, after teaching themselves how to read, taught the rest of the animals education at their own level to gain knowledge from the books that were left behind from the humans. With the unity of all animals, the farm had protection against any intruder as a military unit. If there was any disruption on the farm, the dogs or a fleet of animals would be ready to stop the disturbance.

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