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Social Analysis - Animal Farm

            The dystopian theme, "society is divided into castes or groups with specialized functions" is supported well by the novel "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. "Animal Farm" is a novel from the mid 1950s about a farm of animals that are mistreated and neglected by their owner, Mr. Jones, so they rebel and overthrow him as owner of the farm. The animals then have to rule over the farm, and the pigs take over the reigns and eventually start mistreating the animals in almost the same fashion as Jones did in his day. The book is an allegory to the Russian rebellion during WWI. Mr. Jones represents Tsar Romanov, the animals are the rebels, and the pigs are the new government with people like John Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. In the book, society is divided into two social classes; the pigs and the rest, and this contributes greatly to the way their utopian vision turned into a dystopia with slaves and unfairness.
             The social class of the pigs never did any work, and the rest of the animals broke their backs working everyday. "The pigs did not actually work," (pg 76) It says it in the book clearly, they never did any labor. The only work the pigs did was brainwork, but they didn't even do a lot of that. The animals worked so hard that some even died of exhaustion (Boxer). Everyday, the pigs would just sit in their house and eat for the whole day and "the animals worked like slaves" (pg 73). All-day and everyday, the animals would work like, as it said, slaves, which is really an important word and theme in the book. In chapter 7, public executions occurred which is similar and even worse than the public whippings that slaves had to endure. The executions happened for the least worthy causes, and the dogs for almost no reason murdered many animals. An example of one would be that they had a dream of Snowball, a pig who wanted to help the animals and was banished by the other more selfish pigs.

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