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Marketing Research - Suds Bar Soap and Essentials

             Suds Bar Soap and Essentials' product mix comprises of an array of natural and organic beauty products which include body bars, creams, lotions, scrubs, lip balm, candles and incense. .
             Over the years, the United States has seen a steady growth in demand for natural and organic foods, health care and personal care products. Females, in particular between the age of 35–54 have embraced an holistic approach towards healthy living by incorporating organic food, fruit and vegetables in their daily diet. This culture has impacted the personal care products industry with many of today's consumers choosing organic soaps and skin care products over commercial brands. With the values and beliefs of today's consumers leaning towards living a healthy lifestyle, and society's growing concern for environmental issues, Suds Bar Soap and Essentials needs to take advantage of this trend and increase the promotion of its products.
             Suds Bar Soap and Essentials is committed to producing and selling the finest, quality, handcrafted, skin care products, that are soothing and invigorating to the skin using natural and organic ingredients free of harsh and harmful chemicals. .
             1. Target and promote products to Gen X and Baby Boomer female population in Delaware with purchasing power.
             2. Promote products to population segment that is environmentally aware, health conscious, and has the financial ability to purchase natural and organic products.
             3. Expand target market into Sussex County, specifically Lewes, Rehoboth and Bethany Beach areas with a concentration of vacationers and retirees from Washington, D.C. and other metropolitan areas, and the heavily populated area of New Castle County.
             4. Re-design website.
             a. Include mission statement.
             b. Add a brief description to each product item on its website.
             c. List products by category and scent.
             5. Set up vendor tables at Old Dover Days, Lewes Summer Festival in July, Lewes Fall Craft Festival in October, Milford Farmers Market, and New Castle Farmers Market in Northern Delaware.

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