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The Influence of Advertising on Men

            Men's magazines feature articles containing topic of interest to their subscribers: health, hunting, boating, racing, guns, technology and relationships. These magazines boast interviews with celebrities and stories by renowned writers, primarily about dating, how to become a millionaire in five easy steps, tricks to staying fit or ways of driving her crazy in bed. The mainstay of such magazines, however, isn't advice, current events or get rich ideas, but photographs of seductive, unrealistic woman wearing as little clothing as possible. The advertisements for health and hygiene products are the sexiest of all ads, with most containing sexual imagery. .
             Nothing promotes and sells men's magazines more than sex. We shop with are eyes and Maxim magazine is no exception. The men's Gillette advertisement in Maxim is not only visually stimulating but gives a woman's opinion with the phrase "for whatever body style she likes"". A study by Ketchum Global Research sponsored by Gillette, indicates 74% of women believe that men should partake in at least some body hair remove, and 69% of men said women influenced their decision to expand their trimming. The new Fusion ProGlide Styler advertisement features a woman as its spokesperson giving a woman's perspective of what women want men to look like.
             First, the visual content of the advertisement for Gillette portrays a young woman sitting in a seductive position on the edge of a large white garden tub. The garden tub is filled with soap suds that are lit from underneath, giving a sense of cleanliness. Decorative over-sized white artificial suds fill an unoccupied part of the advertisement to sustain a visual equilibrium. The garden tub sitting on the rooftop, at night, city lights in the background, depicts a high class lifestyle filled with fun and excitement. Her face wears a flirtatious look giving the male reader a sense of sexual interest.

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