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Advertising and Gender

            Advertisements, editorials, magazines, newspapers and other forms of media in the 1950s highlighted the stereotype of the woman being the bread-maker and the man being the bread-winner. Through the years, the gender roles of men and women have changed. Now, we see men doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Some men stay at home while their wives go to work and make the money that supports the family. Unlike the 1950s, in the aspect of home life the husband and wife are considered to be equals. Men are not stripped of their masculinity just because they do what is considered to be women's work. Today women are encouraged to rely on themselves and not look for a man to support them. Advertisements that were published during the 1950s show how the influence of consumerism impacted the "American Dream" as technological advancements made in household appliances made many daily chores easier to complete.
               The positions of the individuals of the advertisements, their characteristics of, the types of products being advertised, and the messages, both clear and hidden, all promote the "American Dream." This consumer movement instilled the idea to many people that women 'belonged in the kitchen'. Today, the roles have changed. Yes women are still seen cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family, but she is also holding down a full time job. This shows women as being strong and independent and holding a lot of power. In most households, men are still considered to be the bread winner, but today men are also seen doing the cleaning and cooking, while still considered being rugged and manly. This shows us how the gender roles of men and women are stereotyped, and how through the years they have changed. Just because men are seen doing house work does not consider them to be less of a man.; it shows the equality between a husband and wife and how they both contribute the same effort to keeping their household up and running.

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