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The Progression of Advertising

            Throughout the years, our view of ads has drastically changed. As many people in this generation only care so little about ads, it challenges advertisers to be more creative, and even be smarter than ever in creating their ads. Many of us, including me, sees advertising such as banner ads and pop-up ads to be annoying and how boring they are. In the advertising world, it is believed that if an ad doesn't catch your attention with in seconds, then they are considered failed. So, with this in mind, advertisers want to create meaningful ads that consumers actually can connect to and interact with. .
             With the growing number of internet users around the world, the World Wide Web has become the most important advertising route for many advertisers. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau, the revenue of online Advertising has grown enormously, from U.S. $1.8 Billion to $20 billion in 2007. "The 10 fold increase not only signifies the importance of online advertising to the advertising and media industry, but also the rapid advancement of technology in online advertising delivery and display formats that requires researchers to help the media and advertisers to capitalize on the new medium and the society in understanding the increasing impact of the medium." (Harris, 2000).
             Women in Advertising.
             Long ago, advertising was primarily focused on promoting the product or service. Today, advertisers practice a new method that is mostly focused on sex and the typical stereotypes of women as objects. The world's leading research and teaching institutions, Stanford University defined the word objectification as a "notion central to feminist theory. It can be roughly defined as the seeing and/or treating a person, usually a woman, as an object."(Papadaki, 2010) This portrayal of women has evolved into a new social problem. In today's advertising, women are being portrayed in a more sexual way than ever before, and this is not a good thing.

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