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            First of all I should start by defining what globalisation means, thus after a basic investigation on the subject we will be able to identify the positive and the negative points about this polemic but ordinary movement originated in a period where a new race has emerged, the homo consumens. " Twentieth century industrialism has created this new psychological type, homo consumens, primarily for economic reasons, i.e. the need for mass consumption which is stimulated and manipulated by advertising" (Boyd-Barret & Newbold, 1995:195).
             Globalisation is the process of coming together, being part of a world without boundaries or structures. Is the progression towards a common global village, where we become citizens of the world. Even if some would say so, it is not about vanishing or colonising cultures, but about supplying information and goods to them. Old cultural elements are brought together with the new international culture. The procedure involves the mobility and also the speed of mobility within international boundaries. Music, films, commodities, people, everything is constantly being engulfed by the growing global market. .
             People are getting everyday more demanding. They demand for new products, and above all for entertainment. Teenagers in America watch TV at least for six hours per day, the minimum average elsewhere is for five hours per day. With such figures is not surprising that American inputs so much energy and of course money, into this business. Not only American money, but also foreign flows are invested in the US, market. Figures from an article called: The global media in the late 1990's, from Herman and McChesney revealed the top thirty list of non-US firms with the largest US investments. Japanese Sony (n5), Canadian Seagram (n15), Dutch Philips (n18); and Australian News Corporation (n27), (O"Sullivant, 1990:179). .
             In order to maximise profits and get the most out of the market, firms are joining together.

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