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             The word globalisation has become a buzzword since its inception at the beginning of the 1990s. A cottage industry on globalisation has emerged from which academics and intellectuals make a living by writing articles and travelling the world debating with others. The financial and business sections of broadsheet newspapers are continuously littered with issues concerning globalisation and meetings are frequently held by the superpowers to discuss the state of the global economy, such as the meetings in Doha in Qatar, Cancun in Mexico and the IMF summit in Dubai. As a result of globalisation being a mainstay in the political realm and rhetoric, it is imperative that an understanding of globalisation is made in order to grasp the reality and acknowledge how the Khilafah state would survive in these new economic conditions that beset us in the twenty first century. Before proceeding, it is important to mention that there are Muslims within the Ummah who do not doubt the fact that the Khilafah is the only destiny for the Muslims but at the same time find it difficult to envisage how the Khilafah can fit into the contemporary world which boosts a complex global economy. On the surface this is a sincere concern on behalf of sincere Muslims who see Islam as the solution but are apprehensive of the Khilafah's ability to survive in an era of globalisation. It is therefore important to gain an understanding of globalisation so we as Muslims realise that not only is the Khilafah the solution for the Ummah today but in fact will be able to survive and withstand the new economic environment she will stand in. .
             What is globalisation?.
             Globalisation, as mentioned, has taken off over the last decade and is widely used and flaunted by academics and politicians. Despite this constant usage of the word, very little has emerged in relation to developing a homogenous intellectual framework under which one could place globalisation.

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