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Vidoe Technology

            Technological advances in the media have impacted society in various ways. One may look at the progressions in video technology as major improvements in advertising, and others may see the developments as an enhancement in entertainment, or many other things. Either way, improvements in video technology such as the television can relay information in a much faster and efficient manner as opposed to the radio or telegram used before. Society has come a long way in developing its media and know-how of it. From Thomas Edison's Cylinder Phonograph in 1877 to IBM's personal computer in 1981, we can surely see how technology has been evolving from a media standpoint. .
             Media, communications, and video technology have been emergent, especially in the past two decades. Audio equipment, video equipment, high-resolution computer graphics, multimedia, and data display devices are in high demand and of great marginal value. Today in society, all these technologies are being tied in together into comprehensive wide-ranged training and presentation arrangements. In the past twenty or so years, classrooms in schools ranging from elementary to high school have been supplied with a sufficient amount of computer systems as compared to before. The access for the students to these personal computers gives them a versatile skill that is usually a prerequisite for a majority of the professions in the information technology field of work. Other environments that contain the technologies are training centers, boardrooms, conference halls, and convention centers. The additions of these advancements make the communication process noticeably easier by presenting an exciting blend of sounds and images, which react to the needs of both the audience and the presenter.
             Video technology also consists of many different types of cameras, which are mostly used in the advertising and television business. Video cameras have improved the efficiency and speed of communication.

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