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Technology Means a Simple Life

            Nowadays, technology all around humans' life, and become a part of daily life which cannot lose. Most people, such as teenagers, adults, and even some elderly, are using the technology. Many people repeatedly ask a question about whether the technology brings benefits or not. Some people think it make their life much easier; however, some people believe that technology only has the hard side. Personally thinking, technology makes people's life simpler than making people's lives more complicated because newly developed devices, improvement of living condition and efficient transportation.
             To start with, technology endow people with progressive electronic devices to create more usable applications, such as the relationship of smartphone and the apps on the phone. Most people would agree that "mobile devices are increasingly capable of handling information in a variety of ways" (Mobile Devices That Makes Your Life Easier). Especially, those electric appliances not only bring more fun to our lives but also provide more convenience. For example, in China, nowadays, an increasing number of people are using the application called Eleme, which is a food delivery company. By using GPS to locate one's exact position, Eleme provides one with all the opinions for delivery within ten minutes. Usually, people, who are working on the busy schedule and do not have enough time to buy lunch, will order the delivery through the app. Furthermore, old customers can comment the quality of service and taste of food. All of those technologies can help people get a simpler and easier lives. Thus, the technology contributes to creating high-level electronic devices that increased people's efficiency.
             Moreover, progressive technology has a great deal of the improvements of the human living condition. One of the most desires from people is living in a natural environment for a healthy lifestyle. In the United States, "New York City's Hudson Yards project is aiming to improve living condition" (3 Ways Technology is making life Easier in Cities Around the World).

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