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Health and Technology

            If technology in your daily life routine doesn't concern you, you should think twice about how it really affects the body's health. At least that is the one and only thing that caught my attention of many topics trending around the world. Technology affects us in every way, starting from a simple flu to cancer and to extreme cases being death. Let's not forget about the teens that are on their phones behind the wheel, that ether kill themselves of others near them. The smallest LED screen can cause loss of vision over time and can also cause headaches or migraines with continuous daily use. Not only the screen is a big problem, but the radiation itself brings severe damages to include tumors. Also, with studies the conclusion is that a person using a cellphone, changes that person's brain more than a non-cellphone user. A cellular phone increases the obesity rate and other obesity related issues by a lot in the United States. Social pages on a phone change a person's self-esteem and also their priorities over items that should be used daily. Depression is also a stage that a person will go through when spending too much time on electronics. Especially before going to bed, it will throw off the sleeping patterns the body is used to, and later become more tired over time. All this also leads to developing diseases and real major damage to one's health and future developing issues. However, people with multitasking skills with technology are mostly affected mentally and have also been proven to have social problems. Also infections or hearing loss problems arise because of loud music played on the headphones or hearing pieces. Lastly, learning how antennas work, how they transmit radiation, as well as what and how it's affecting the body on the inside fragment. .
             There are several health related issues that technology brings to human bodies under certain circumstances and in different ways.

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