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Information Technology and the Medical Field

            When looking at health professions, there are a wide variety of careers. Many health careers have complex journeys before getting started, along with challenging tasks that must be completed. This paper will outline the educational and licensing requirements, as well as job duties, career outlook, and salaries of four different careers. In addition, Technology Risk Management will be described in depth, along with my personal experience within the career. .
             Dentistry is a career that focuses on combining science and technology together. Maintaining positive oral health is a dentist's main goal. Not only do dentists maintain oral health, but they also treat gum diseases and enhance the appearance of teeth. Extractions, implants, and tissue grants are additional job duties that dentists take on. Also, dentist will remove decay, fill cavities, straighten teeth, repair cracked teeth, and much more. .
             On average, a dentist that works for a private practice makes an annual income of $203,000, and a dentist that owns their own practice makes an annual income of $336,620. The future job outlook for dentists is said to be extremely well. Within the next 20 years, many dentists are expected to retire and new dentists will be needed for teaching and researching. To become a dentist, one must complete an undergraduate program and receive a bachelors degree. Many dental schools require at least 8 semester credit hours. The credits must be in biology, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and physics. Students must take a standardize test called the DAT to get accepted into dental school. Along with the DAT, an application is also required, followed by an interview and evaluation. Finally, a student that has completed dental school may apply for a dental license. Board exams are required, there is an education requirement, a written exam, a clinical exam, and additional requirements to receive a dental license.

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