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Ethical Issues and Technology

            The purpose of this paper is to provide an emerging ethical issue in a particular field, explain how these ethics are viewed in today's social ethics and how they could evolve, then offer recommendation and insight on the subject. I elected to research and elaborate on the field of technologies, precisely on Internet ethics as a whole. My intent was to draw insight on a current ethical problem surrounding Internet involvement in the global market, specifically the area of regulation, and the difficulties of ethical consensus. My research found a much broader dilemma in Internet ethics that expand into regulations, health care, education, and advertising and intellectual property involvement within the global market. My intent is to show a much deeper investigation of the ethical points in relation to the Internet to include all the fields affected and from this information derive a comprehensive ethical conclusion on what steps should take place or what safeguards should be in place for the future. .
             In today's society, electronic communications has become a fundamental element by which people express and comprehend the world around them. A continual availability of rapid information transmissions has produced profound ethical consequences, affecting the global market both morally and socially. This catalyst is having both a positive and negative impact on the social views, values and religious beliefs of the global social structure (Foley 1-26). With today's technology, it takes little imagination to view what is going on in the world. Society is being engulfed into the electronic age of computers, Internet and self-thinking software. The ethical question would be whether this evolution into the cyber world is truly contributing to the world's development. If you view technologies overall contributions over the past few years, in many ways the answer is yes. Technology is a very powerful tool and has had profound contributing factors in education, politics, medicine, environmental monitoring and a facet of other areas.

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