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Mental Health and Social Determinants

            Mental health is a state of wellbeing that the apparent social determinants influence on young individual's health. .
             The knowledge that young individuals have about health and the skills they retain enables them to act in ways to encourage better health. Developed from the attitudes and values that each individual place on their health and view about the importance of having a healthy routine can be influenced by genetic factors. This may increase the affect of mental health on young individuals. In regards to this health issue, these factors are evidently influenced in which young individuals are impacted on more so negatively than positively. A lack of knowledge, different values and genetic factors are barriers that determine the perceptions of an individual's understanding about mental health. .
             Family, peers, media, religion and cultural backgrounds all play an important part on influencing our values, knowledge and behaviours concerning mental health. This exerts to be a highly influential factor on our behaviours that create and shape our expectations relating to how certain individuals could result in being mindful of media literacy. This is required in order to analyse the reliable resources available. Family and peers are vital to ensure that all are aware in promoting good health by positively influencing and providing the skills that are necessary. A consequence that would arise if individuals weren't influenced correctly is through the powerful messages media could portray, being either positive or negative. .
             Young individuals level of health could be disadvantaged or advantaged because of the potential influences depicted through the factors of education, employment and income. Education has a significant impact on young people, as it enables them to gather information and greater knowledge based on mental health. Education provides opportunities for young people to learn, enhancing their understanding on this health issue.

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