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Indeginous Health Issues Aus.

            In 1947, health was defined by World Health Organisation as being "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (WHO 1947). In this essay, this definition use to identify indigenous health issues in Australia. Also part B analyse the strategies that need to adopt and success of their health. .
             The Social determinants of indigenous health have varied considerably over the past century. These determinants have become the basis for the health status of the indigenous in Australia. The indigenous people were found as being inferior to the early settlers. This meant that their position within society is considered lower than those whose are white or European. This is therefore related to their socio-economic status. (Beck, E.J. 1985).High social status come economic rewards as well as a political voice within society. However, this was not so for the indigenous people of Australia. Their social lives were so vastly different from the Europeans, that their opportunities, wealth, knowledge, and power were disrupted accordingly, so that a change in social status could become apparent in order for a rearrangement of power. (Howard, M. 1994).
             Before colonization, indigenous people were known to have been in excellent health and were free from disease. Prior to 1788, they were referred as being traditional societies of hunter-gatherers. These people provided for their members a "lifestyle which was absolutely inevitable in terms of health, nutrition and leisure." (Wright, B. 1999). This lifestyle dictated a minimized risk of obesity, as well as associated health problems. The surrounding environment played the role of being greatly diverse in its range of plants and animals for nutrition and a well balanced diet. Those who delved into a life enriched with a strong vibrant culture as well as a healthy diet are believed to have had a health status which was "significantly better than that of the average English man" (Lawson, J 1991).

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