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             Good morning professor and classmates.
             The Global Day is organized every year basically to showcase the multicultural environment the students of AUS are studying in. But is this multicultural environment something that we can benefit from? And would it make a difference in our lives in the future? .
             I"m here today; to convince you that multicultural education does help people in the future. I have based my research on some interviews that I took during Global Day and an interesting book I found in the library regarding this topic. I have divided my speech into a misconception people have about multicultural education, its advantages and its need.
             To begin with, a misconception some people about multiculturalism is that it may divide a united nation. For example the United States has so many cultures fused in it that some people fear that it might lead to its breakup. But on the contrary, multicultural education helps students become aware of their own culture and how they are similar and different from others.
             Now proceeding onto some of the advantages of a multicultural education. Firstly, in a multicultural society, the country benefits from a multitude of ideas. For example, America is the melting pot of almost all the cultures of the world from the Kiwis to the Russians, Germans to the Israelis, Arabs to the English all contributing one way or another to the country. The result, America has become one of the leading economies in the world and not to forget the world superpower.
             Secondly, multicultural education helps us by becoming more tolerant to other cultures. When I was studying in India, had I never even imagined that I would be group studying with Pakistanis. But after coming to AUS, I realized both countries share a similar culture, facing almost the same socio-economic problems and working together could make a significant difference in tackling the problems facing these two countries.

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