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             Explain the impact of multiculturalism on a society. Address in your discussion, the barriers against the advancement of multiculturalism in America.
             Multiculturalism can be defines as "the practice of giving equal emphasis to the needs and contributions of all culture groups, especially traditionally underrepresented minority groups, in a society." Recent trends have stimulated society members to engage in acts of multiculturalism while learning to appreciate and celebrate the differences among individuals. "Diversity encompasses differences in education level, gender, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic background, and physical ability." Each element of diversity provides for and adds a unique and essential component to benefit society at large. .
             Multiculturalism is a valuable tool, which if implemented properly, could aid in bridging the gaps of society, the celebration of individualism and plurality, and in educating the overwhelming number of American's who suffer from ignorance. Since the foundation and the creation of America, diversity has played a major role. When America's first settlers - settlers from all across Europe with different cultures and nationalities - arrived, the "Indians" greeted them; shortly after, Africans were brought over in trade agreements and sold as slaves. As time progresses, more and more immigrants migrate to the "new world" in order to seek the freedoms and ideals that America supposedly stands for; and yet, are so frequently ignored. Ironically, it is the most recent immigrants who are generally discriminated against when this nation was founded by immigrants. In short, all Americans, excluding the natives, are immigrants.
             America is a "melting pot" of cultures, religions, nationalities, beliefs, and the like. However, society as a whole fails to benefit from the many opportunities granted them due to the barriers against the advancement of multiculturalism.

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