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            In Broadway's Miss Saigon, Iyer points out that its board members were asserting an Orwellian principle in order to shed light on cross cultural nuances, that "all races are equal, but some are more equal than others." Indeed, some races are "more equal" than others, Iyer's statement automatically declares that the "more equal" races are granted more advantages, therefore permitting them freedom. After freedom, the exercising of power follows resulting in disparity. Similarly, Ehrenreich along with hooks can almost agree that race or complexion stands as an issue in the category of social problems, however, they see cultural diversity as solution to social problems.
             In a racial case, privilege always weighs heavier in benefits on one particular side and is less fair on the other. Iyer states, "But privilege cannot be interpreted in terms of race without making some damningly racist assumptions," presumably saying, where there's privilege, there's racial assumptions. With victims of injustices made up of refugees, immigrants and minorities, they are bound to experience the localities where the "privileged" apply their powers. Iyer also brings up an "American conundrum: the enjoyment of one freedom means encroachment on another." His words prove again that when the privileged uses one of their freedoms, this violates another individual's freedom. If everybody "enjoys freedom," does it not mean everybody has their freedom infringed? Take for example, if one were a certain type of race, which had more established privileges than the other race and used its power to his advantage, would this not be an infringement to other race? He points out those who are "raising the cry of racism" sees everything in terms of race, though many are guilty of this habit. This is why society tries to see races in a more positive way and see categorize minorities in multiculturalism. .
             Ehrenreich describes multiculturalism as "the new McCarthyism, the new fundamentalism, even the new totalitarianism," worrying about mislabeling people in order to "toss out what it sees as the Eurocentric bias" and "prepare us all for a wider world" which brings attention to what is at stake.

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