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Social Determinants of Health

             The subject of social medicine is to determine connections between epidemiology, socio-economic status and to investigate how to organize activities of health to improve the overall health conditions in a community. Throughout the history of modern medicine, social determinants of health have not been researched to any greater extent in relation to physiologic or pathologic perspectives on the concept of health and disease. Yet in the past half-century, the attitudes toward this have changed to cover ideas about social interactions in the definition of what health and disease mean to us. In this paper, I will discuss some of the social determinants of health, including of a functioning support groups, socio economic status and level of education.
             Discussion .
             The social determinants of health are studied as a part of the field of public health and help researchers, healthcare professionals, and those forming public policy to understand the relationship of social behavior and interaction and their positive and negative influences on an individuals health from a long-term viewpoint. This has implications for both the treatment and prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases as well as increasing knowledge to promote public health education. Given this approach, creating a strong community action to achieve public health and successful health promotion are also essential determinants of health for a community. .
             Examples of such determinants of health that show impact on health as outlined by the WHO are equitable start in life, building a prosperous living environment, fair employment and meaningful work, social protection as well as universal access to healthcare. These determinants have a substantial impact on human health and will be included in the subsequent discussion on the social and socio-economic factors that can influence human health.
             Support Groups.
             Some studies show that together with the most important factors building our modern concept of health is immediate access to social networks or support groups.

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