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Health Disparities and Inequalities

            Health disparities are known as the inequalities that exist when such people from certain population groups do not benefit from the same health status as other groups. In which are determined by the conditions in which people are born, work, and live, age, and wider set of forces and systems and shaping the conditions of daily life. The correlation of income and wealth can be seen through some factors of income, status, lifestyle, and race. Health disparities differently affect groups of people who have endured obstacles to health on the basis of their income, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, and race. .
             Berkman mentions and describes such a persistent health gap between the rich and the poor. The research shows a gap between the richest and most educated Americans who manage to be healthy and the poor and less educated Americans whom have a life expectancy similar to those in third world countries. (Berkman 1) These surveys also have shown how some of the social inequalities faced by people relate to the health inequalities. Research has also proved that the wealthier you are the less likely you are to have health problems. The less income you acquire the more likely you are to experience premature death. The differences amongst the rich and the poor seem to show the consistency in as education and income increases their health improves. The lower class women and men will most likely end up working difficult jobs and may face harsher working conditions. People that receive lower income have more restrictions on the how much they have to spend on certain resources that they need. They have to pay copayments and deductibles and high cost of medicines. All the money spent in the US specifically on health care services does not show how people are receiving it that eventually turns health care into a social problem. .
             The socioeconomic status of individuals are also revolved around their health due to the economy decisions of access to schools, jobs, commerce, and other things that entertain families.

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