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African Americans: An At-Risk Population

            African Americans are an "at-risk" population. Immigrants, who were forcibly taken from their families in Africa, brought to American, sold and used for manual labor on plantations. Slaves were stripped of their culture and given a new identity and way to live, being inferior to whites, as slaves. They endured horrific acts of abuse; racism against African-Americans was a justified way of life during the slave era. There is indisputable evidence that this population has had to face insurmountable challenges in order to survive and overcome the psychological and emotional scars embedded from years of torment.
             Systematic oppression of African Americans has become part of the everyday tapestry of the US society. Inequality within the educational system, housing market, and employment opportunities for African Americans has been an ongoing form of systematic oppression. Lack of health care coverage and affordability has kept African Americans at a disadvantage, being that blacks bear a disproportionate burden of disease, injury, disability, and death. (CDC, 2005) These disparities must be eliminated by making it an priority to implement culturally appropriate public health initiatives, getting involved with the local communities, and rendering equitable access to quality health care. The Affordable Care Act has been beneficial to African Americans because it has made it affordable, there is access to different doctors and specialists. It also provides them with adequate coverage and financial security. For blacks in the United States, health care disparities can cause premature deaths, deteriorated quality of life, loss or elimination of economic opportunities, giving the notions of oppression and injustice. (HHS.gov, 2012).
             Discrimination for African Americans is among many of the serious problems in the world, racial groups have justified their belief based on characteristic attributes, with the belief, their traits are more appropriate for society.

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