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            A population according to the funk and Wangnall Dictionary is a grouping of individuals subject to the processes of birth, death, and migration. During the first 2 million years of our history the human population had very little effect upon the overall world ecosystem, with no more than 10 million members. In the New Stone Age, less than 10,000 years ago, the number of humans began to increase more rapidly. By the beginning of the Christian era it had reached 250 million, and by the year 1650 CE up to half a billion(Internet Source)Reproduction resulted un having children which were perfect for doing farmwork, collecting dowry and starting family. By 2030,the population is projected to hit eight to ten billion. With this rapid growth, concern for the future is inevitable. The planet can not handle anymore chaos and can not create enough food to disturbate to those who are in demand of it. A stable relationship with plants and animals must be attained or future populations will suffer. .
             Problem .
             About 140 000 million babies will be born, and 53 million will die which gives the overpopulated world an additional 84 million people per year. With the planet growing at alarming rate 230 000 per day people, With the increasing population, pollution is on the rise, making safe water scarce In Asia the population increases by 50 million, the population of Africa by 17 million and Latin America and the Caribbean by only eight million. Africa has the hightest growth rate at 2.36 %(Internet Source). These are places where people need children for work or if they don't want kids they have no way of getting contraception or to be informed about it, thus making the population grow at an alarming rate. Someone must feed the hungry, with each individual requiring about 2 200 calouries per day unfortunetly of the six billion over 220 million are malnourished. .
             Throughout history many have debated the plant's carrying capacity.

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