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Ultra Conservative view on Population control

            In the 1960's the world population was at 3 billion, and in 1999 the worlds population was at 6 billion. In less than 40 years the population has doubled. If the population growth rate is not reduced further, world population will double by the year 2040. This growing global population affects the welfare of communities and ecosystems around the world. The increase of population creates a threat to the whole world. As more people come into the world more jobs are needed, more housing, and more food. The increase of need for natural resources and economic growth has caused a stress on the world to uphold its rising population. In China, one can witness the one-child policy that has decreased the size of its original birth rate. However, there has been strong moral opposition to this policy. The moral objections arise from the involuntarily sterilization, yet these objections come from the idea that fertility is a fundamental human right which cannot be sacrificed. There does exist a real possibility for us to learn to control accurately, reliably and humanely on our own population size. This possibility is through Population Control. .
             The idea of sterilization may seem inhumane, but in many countries the poverty is extreme. People are starving and lack education and other needs, yet nothing is done to prevent these conditions. As a result of this neglect, many people die each year in these undeveloped poor economies. It may seem obscene to take away the free will of the natural desire to reproduce, yet a desire may be natural it doesn"t mean its right. The desires to murder or to rape are both perfectly natural desires and yet we do not say that we have a right to fulfil them. This is because the fulfillment of these desires generates victims that we feel a greater compassion than for the criminal whose desires have been satisfied. We generally feel the opposite of compassion, we feel hostility for anyone whose desires lead them to harm others.

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