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America's Distorted View of Beauty

             An attractive appearance is proven to be so essential to the feminine gender role, the search for correct ideal of beauty causes many problems for adolescent girls. What they advertise in fashion magazines such as in Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Vogue, and in other populous magazine brands influence their readers. These young adolescent females' allow themselves to become vulnerable to health problems that can be caused by current beauty trends which can cause mental illnesses and physical changes. This research paper will unravel the horrid truth of how fashion magazines affect the female adolescence and how parenting roles can be effective.
             How do fashion magazines influence female adolescents' (12-19 years old) health and their concept of beauty?.
             In "The Journal of Youth and Adolescence," Marika Tiggemann and Hayley Dohnt conducted a study and survey around April 2006. A sample of 128 girls was recruited from the first four years of formal schooling. Individual interviews were conducted to evaluate the facets of body image, as well as dieting awareness by means of a brief scenario. A number of sources of peer and media influence were examined. It was found that by six years of age, a large number of girls already desired a thinner ideal figure (p.135.) According to Dohnt and Tiggemann (2006), girls' perceptions of their peers' body dissatisfaction predicted their own level of body dissatisfaction. Dohnt and Tiggemann states, girls who looked at magazines hoped to grow up looking similar to the women who appear in these appearance-focused magazines. This study highlights that girls aged five to eight years of age are already living in a culture in which both peers and the media influence body image. Every day, many women are attacked with the media's idea of the "perfect " body. These unrealistic images are shown in women's magazines all over the country. The message being sent to women is that they cannot become the ideal beauty of today as the models in these beauty magazines.

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