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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

            "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." On the other hand, in many women's eyes, they will never be beautiful. "If I had to express, in three words, what I believe most women think about their appearance, those words would be: "not good enough"" (Barry 423). Feeling like they will never be beautiful enough, women try different styles and application of make up to accomplish their own type of beauty. Although women try to become gorgeous, advertising, movies, department stores and numerous other influences make it almost impossible for women to feel good about themselves. .
             In Dave Barry's essay, he points out many reasons women think that they are ugly. One of the reasons Dave Barry thinks that women feel this way is advertising. In the article from Marketing weekly, the observation was made that women tend to see more detail than men (2). He thinks that featuring only thin, beautiful women on shows and magazines influences the way women see themselves. Since women look at detail this would leave an influence that a women should be skinny. Other effect Dave Barry picks out is the superficial Barbie doll. He points out that the doll is tall and skinny, and then compares the difference to what the doll would really be if it was real. The possibility of Barbie being real is nonexistent. Then Dave Barry compares the way women are effect by celebrity influences. He talked about a talk show that Cindy Crawford was on giving make up tips to the audience. When Cindy Crawford would say how important it is to apply the makeup in a certain way. Dave Barry then compared the way the men would react to the way the women acted during the show. Finally, he relates the way boys and girls compare to the toys they play with. For the most part the boys play with ugly, distorted toys and the girls play with beautiful, skinny toys. This may be the reason that men don't care about their image as much as a women do.

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