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Physical and Inner Beauty

            "Physical beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but inner beauty is something that shines from inside and no one can deny it." -Unknown.
             Although everyone may have the same brain, comprehension of beauty differs from person to person. Many believe that what's on the outside is only what matters; others say what is on the inside is what counts. Even though there are plenty of reasons to say that they both are considered "correct", it all depends on one's view of beauty. Physical beauty is known as a biological trait, it's an expression of genetic stability coming from family. .
             For example, people are known to admire peacocks because of their physical beauty. Peacocks with the biggest feathers gain the most attention. However, inner beauty is a trademark of humanity. Physical beauty can fade away after time, where inner beauty is eternal. However physical beauty can change depending on someone's inner beauty. Inner beauty can cause someone to have a certain "glow" to their personality; an aura, an essence, or a presence, that separates them from everybody else. .
             What is the first thing that catches someone's attention from the opposite sex? The first thing many people notice is appearance. Physical beauty is described as someone's elegance, figure, features, and complexion, or to the extreme as race. In many fairy tales, such as "Cinderella," being beautiful is associated with being an admirable person, which influences people to try to achieve outer beauty and worry less about their thoughts and character. Attractiveness is very crucial to most people's everyday lives because of the misdirected vision of beauty our society displays. Instead of focusing on outer beauty, inner beauty should be the main concern of all people. .
             One may appear to be flawless on the outside, but beauty lies within a person, not externally. Neither are wrong or right because someone's always going to view things differently, so therefore it all depends on how you perceive beauty personally.

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