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             The protective ozone layer around our world undergoes much thought and debate. The "Hole", however, only exists in the minds of environmental, self-serving scientists and politicians. It interests many to find all the faults in the publics consensus of the "ozone depletion." Most scientists do not believe in this "depletion", they think it is a natural phenomenon. Ozone gasses come into view as consideration over what gasses are actually accused for this awful crime of destroying the ozone. But what do these invisible murderers really do (or don't do)? Some actually think that these cursed elements of air help rather than hinder the earth! Volcanoes put yet another damper on the ozone theory. Can humans actually over power volcanoes and other natural causes? The most debated of the gasses, Fluorocarbons (CFCs), now come into view. What of the controversy of 1947? The flaws in the CFC theory overshadow its relevance. Even though no decisive proof exists major coun! .
             tries in the world will ban CFCs in the year 2000 due to the Montreal Protocol. What exactly does this banning entail, and how will it affect us? Environmentalists insist that because of the "depleting ozone" harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays seep through the ozone causing UV and cancer levels to soar. How seriously can the populous take these claims? One alleged problem that goes hand in hand with ozone "depletion", the greenhouse effect, also goes under debate. After little study one can see the irony between these conflicting theories. Some think that the greenhouse "warming" is natural and that the theory is flawed and trivial. One alleged cause of the greenhouse effect, CO2, gets blamed for this crime. Government documents try to tackle this problem only failing with contradiction in itself. .
             The publics consensus on the ozone depletion changes daily in degrees, but the fear always returns when this subject gets brought up.

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