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Canadian Population Analysis

            The Canadian Population is best represented by the Linear Model because of the specific variation in population growth. Each Year the growth of the Canadian Population increases by about a million people. On a large graph the minimal difference for the million people can't be seen because of the large scale that is being used and therefore creating an almost near perfect linear model. .
             If you plug numbers in to my equation y = 590000(x) + 30230000 you will get a prediction for the population amount for that current year. For Example to find the 7th Year from 1999 or in this case 2007 your equation will look as follows y=590000(7) + 30230000. In this case y = 34360000. These are only predictions and not exact population information because of two main reasons. First we graphed this line using the best fit method, meaning that not all points were put into consideration, making it not an exact line and therefore you will receive an inexact number. The number will be close to the given amount if and only if the graph keeps growing at the same rate, thus leading to my second point. The graph and the equation is all dependent on the country itself, the country may experience hardships, economic deprivation, a higher death rate, higher birthrate all contributing to the population increase or decrease.
             Looking at the Data trends I slowly began to look at the different groups that have immigrated to Canada and research why in the first place. I began to look at the Percentage of the Egyptian people that make up the immigration levels every year. I learned between 1999-2006 Egyptians made up between 8-10 percent of the Immigration Levels. Researching thoroughly I began to find that the Egyptian President after 30 year of ruling the country wanted to promote his son to become his predecessor. I began to learn this upset many people because they didn't like the idea of Egypt turning into a Monarchy.

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