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Baby boomers

            The baby boom generation includes those individuals born between the years 1946 and 1964 in the United States, has been described as one of the most powerful and enduring demographic influences on this nation. It has certainly been one of the most studied and analyzed. The case of the baby boom generation provides a useful way of understanding the complex of factors that shape demographic change.
             One may ask why were there so many births between 1946 and 1964? After reading the article, demographers cannot give a definite answer to this question. In fact, in the 1940s, population experts were predicting that the American population would stop growing. And although increases in births following a war are expected, the extended flow in births that followed the end of the Second World War came as a surprise to population experts, policymakers, government officials, and most others. To understand the baby boom generation we need to examine a whole host of factors.
             Demographers insist that the baby boom not be seen as a direct or indirect result of the end of the war. In fact, although marriages and divorces did increase dramatically after the war, the accompanying rise in birth rates account only for the time from 1946 to 1947. By 1950, birth rates had actually fallen slightly. In 1951, the birth rates once again began to climb and continued to be high until 1964. From my point of view, I believe that the baby boom was not about women having more children or people having larger families. It was, instead, based on more people marrying overall and having at least two children early in the marriage. During the 1950s and early 1960s, young women also married earlier than the previous generation and had children earlier. .
             This article is about the United States, the aging population, is expected to have increasing impacts on the economy, politics, society, and culture. As Aimee Howd states: "they may be aging, but they're powerful and statistics show that America's baby boomers, who number 77 million, are an incredibly active, cohesive and effective lobby.

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