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The Increasing Cost of Medical Care

            Medical care services are rendered to patients by doctors and nurses. Over time, the costs for this care have been steadily rising. In 2002, our economy was hit with a recession that left millions of Americans unemployed and many more having to deal with living with a reduced income. Due to the onslaught of that tumultuous economy, Americans found themselves collectively doling out billions to trillions of additional dollars on healthcare. According to the Washington Post, "Average spending on a private insurance patient rose to $4,547 in 2011, compared with 4,349 in 2010." (Kliff A13) For most American's the cost of medical insurance is simply too costly and employers around the country are still feeling the sting of ever increasing premiums.
             The fact that taxpayers must carry medical costs for those on Medicare and Medicaid, has had disastrous consequences on our economy. Typically, working Americans get a series of benefits from their employers, often including health care insurance and many believe that those who are uninsured or unemployed should be refused state-given health care benefits. get treated if they don't have insurance. They have a chance of getting an education and getting a decent job with benefits. Even though there are some circumstances on why some people are uninsured, they are understandable. According to USA Today, they point out, "50.7 million Americans are uninsured because workers are losing their jobs during the recession" (Wolf). For instance, they have a man who works with a big company and the company provides him with all the benefits that he needed, but with the economy being bad they had to lay him off. So now the man doesn't have any benefits at all meaning he is uninsured. That is reasonable because once he find him another job that will cover him with benefits he will be insured again. Average Americans work everyday, paying for their medical care.

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