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America and Health Care Reform

            The social problem relating to our country's current health care system is an issue all of society can empathize with. In our country, health care is funded and heavily regulated by the government which has worked in the past, however, those who regulate the health care system has seen the value of what they are able to profit and are turning away from the true meaning of health care.
             Depersonalization of patients, high costs of procedures, little opportunity for affordable health care, insurance plans that cost more than what they provide, defensive medicine practices are all issues with our current health care system. I find this issue important to recognize because our country is supposed to have the world's greatest health care system and we certainly spend enough on the system to have this, yet on a national level, our country ranks the lowest in overall patient safety, efficiency of treatment, cost-related access, equity, and long-lasting healthy lives, and rank the highest in infant mortality deaths and chronic disease deaths ("Banking on Better Health Care). 20 years ago, senility or old age was the number one cause of death, whereas, the number one current cause of death is cancers and chronic diseases (AMSA). The causes of these changes are due to unaffordable insurance plans, and the high costs of procedures. This kind of system forces people to not want to seek medical care more often and will most likely cause unhealthiness in some form to most people in our country. .
             Research done through several sources revealed that in 2010, our Congress did pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which requires all U.S. citizens to have medical insurance; as known as Obama Care. The government thinks that this kind of system will reduce inequalities in the health care system. I have learned about HMO's and how they create a good system for preventive care like baby checkups, mammograms, and physicals.

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