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Universal Healthcare Reform

            Universal Health Care Reform: A Nation in Crisis.
             The United States Health Care system insures a smaller portion of its citizens and spends much more on health care than any other industrialized nation. The influential Kaiser Foundation recently conducted a nationwide poll which showed Americans have higher concerns regarding healthcare than terrorism or sudden job loss. Their concerns are not unfounded; 41million Americans were uninsured in 2001. While acknowledging reforms of some kind are necessary, various interest groups such as the American Medical Association and politicians cannot agree on a single approach to solving the crisis. Health care affects each individual at some point in his life. Rising insurance premiums and health care costs make accessing health care more difficult, if not impossible, for a large percentage of Americans. As a single mother, I cannot afford health insurance for my family. Our government "of the people, by the people, for the people" is responsible for providing every U.S. citizen access to affordable, quality health care. The nation must come together, make concessions when necessary, and implement a universal healthcare plan that is palatable to both liberals and conservatives. I am not alone in this struggle. It has become a national crisis.
             Healthcare costs are rising at an alarming rate, with no governmental restrictions. In 1991 a family spent a staggering $6,535 on health care (48). That was ten years ago, the figures today must be unimaginable. Obviously, America is in a healthcare crisis and in need of reform. The United States is the only industrialized nation not providing its citizens with a universal health care policy. When dealing with the government there are no "perfect" solutions. This is a world-wide issue. However, while other nation's health care programs may not be perfect, the United States can certainly learn from the successes and failures of other nation's healthcare systems.

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