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A look at medical care in america and canada

            The people of the United States are facing a big problem with healthcare. With increasing prescription drug prices, higher insurance premiums, and larger doctor's costs, it is becoming hard for the average person in our country to avoid going into debt just to maintain their health. It is harder each year for Americans to afford insurance and many people are now uninsured. Over the years, the government has tried to help people out with reforms and legislation, but it is just not enough. There must be a drastic change or else our healthcare system will be no help for those in need of medical care (Citizens).
             There are two types of healthcare coverage systems in industrialized nations. There is private healthcare and public healthcare. Private healthcare is a system where many companies offer health care coverage to citizens. The system is based on prepaying for healthcare. These companies charge monthly fees (premiums) and co-pay at medical institution where medical attention has been given (Citizens). "Today's average premium for a family insurance policy -- $9,086 a year - already represents 21% of the national median household income of $42,409." (Appleby). In a public healthcare system, the government is responsible for providing healthcare to everyone. The government does this by setting up a kind of monopoly where a company is designated to provide health coverage to those who need it. The government then gives money to the specified company an allotment of money based of a patient's ability-to-pay. A patient's ability-to-pay is based off of income and id different from person to person. These patients must go to certain hospital and doctors. People do have a choice to provide for themselves if they want. If a person can afford it, they can get their own coverage (British Colombia). The difference between the two extremes is drastic and neither of these systems are perfect.

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