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The Health Care System

            Healthcare is the great rallying cry for most interest groups and Canadian nationalists and its proposed reforms is a subject that sparks serious debate. Whether over a large double-double at the local Tim Horton's or over flying insults and flying paperwork at the House of Commons, the idea of having profit-based companies providing healthcare services has many Canadians worried over the increasing demand for private healthcare. Canada is well known for its public healthcare. Even in the Simpsons, when they were visiting Toronto a car hit Homer, he stated "Wahoo! Free Healthcare! " Canadian's pride themselves of their public healthcare. Unfortunately this is the time for change. I will be discussing why the two-tier system is better than the private and public healthcare systems because of the accessibility, the cost of running and advancement in technology.
             Imagine being laid off after fifteen to twenty years of dedicated work. To make things worse your little three-year-old girl is very ill. At that point you are glad you are a Canadian. It is believed that the equality given to each individual whether rich or poor is their benefit, and that because there is no medical fee, every Canadian is guaranteed medical assistance whenever it is needed. Canada's healthcare system is also known as Medicare. Medicare refers to Canada's well-known universal public healthcare system. Under the terms of the Canadian Healthcare Act, the province provides all residents with healthcare insurance cards, which entitle the bearer to receive free medical care for most procedures. Patients are free to choose their own doctor, hospital, etc. Health institutions are either private or not-for-profit, and doctors in private practice are entrepreneurs who bill the Medicare system for their fees. Since the healthcare is subsidized by the government patients are ensured that all the basic necessities and equipment are at all the health care facilities.

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