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Population Growth

             In the near future, it is predicted that the world will not be able to handle an ever increasing world population. Its estimated that 250000 children are born everyday across the world. If population growth remains this current rate, future population pressure will deplete all natural resources and devastate our environment. This research assignment will address the important issue of exponential population increase. .
             World population.
             In the year 1900, the world population was approximately 1.6 billion, with 10% of people living in major cities and towns. 1946-1964 was a period of high growth rates or also known as the "Baby Boom Generation". The "Baby Boomers" followed after the difficult times of the depression. In 1960's 70% of the global population lived in less developed countries. .
             Currently, the world population is just over 6 billion people and increasing by 1.1% every year. Major cities contain 50% of the world population; yet occupy only 2 % of landmass. The percentage of people living in developing countries increased to 80% in 1999. Women in developing countries have up to 6 children to stay alive, which spurs a vicious cycle trapping families in poverty. .
             Future: .
             According to figure 1, the predicted projections have 3 variants. The most likely variant would be the middle variant which indicates that the world population will increase to nine million people by 2050. It is predicted that in the future, 66.7% of the world's population will live in major cities and towns. Population will be concentrated in less developed countries, elsewhere the population will stabilize (zero population rate) or even decrease. The developing world will hold 9 out of the 10 biggest cities. 6 in 10 children in the developing world will live in these cities and towns, with more than half living below the poverty line. .

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