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African and African-American Culture

            Is it a disbelief that many Africans think African-Americans are lazy, ghetto, wild, careless, untrustworthy, devious, and they are continuously complaining about racism when everything has been given to them? For an African-American this question may be insulting but at the same time it is unfortunate that in fact many African-Americans are perceived this way probably because African Immigrants are brought up with different morals and values. All though, it is just a stereotype to say all African-Americans are lazy, African Immigrants that come in contact with African-Americans may sometimes believe this stereotype is true just based on their interaction with one person. Some people may think Africans and African-Americans are alike or the same because of their similar skin color but in fact, the two could not be more different. Many African immigrants and African-Americans misunderstand each other due to the huge cultural differences. .
             The first major problem between the two groups is how they view each other's home countries. In America, we may be watching our favorite TV show when a commercial comes on. Often times we see commercials showing starving black children in Africa with tiny bones and big bellies who are extremely malnourished. Then a Caucasian man comes into view and tells viewers how they can help feed the starving child. Although some Africans may be in extreme poverty, Americans need to understand that just how we have rich people in places like Hollywood or New York, Africa is also made up of different areas and many different countries where people may be wealthy or they may be poor. It may even surprise some people to know Africa is also home to many white people; yes, white people live in Africa!.
             Being an African-American and just thinking about what Africa is to Americans, it is easy to think of Africa being a giant desert or jungle. To African-Americans, Africa is where they originated from but they really have no ties with it.

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