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            World influence on the modernization of Africa developing systems on the way countries, nations, or states act, and base their policies on times that reflect what their past was like. This is very true in the case of Africa. The only problem is that Africa is said to have no history. This just means that Africa's many cultures did not have an affect the way imperialists and other influences acted towards the huge continent. Everything was based on their interests and consequently this meant that the way of dealing with Africa in everyway. .
             The Declaration of Innocence writing was to be said by the deceased in order to be purified and to be allowed rebirth. This writing tended to make things shift towards Egyptian ethics and religion. It had been reprinted from "The Book of the Dead, which is Egyptian text with interlinear translation." This writing is similar to the Ten Commandments.
             The teachings of Ptahhotep were instructions by a man named Ptahhotep. He was a wise man using wisdom as virtue. He was a natural born leader, using his teachings to help spread knowledge to all. In one of his speeches he talks about the description of aging. "My God, the process of aging brings senility." As he goes on he gives another speech telling those if you listened to his sayings "all of your affairs will go forward. Their value resides in their truth." These teachings from him help others learn.
             In 1966 Lepold Senghor wrote a piece on Negritude. For Senghor, negritude is one's identification of one's blackness without reference to culture, language, or geography. "Negritude transcends the deep divisions within and between Arabs, Africans, and the African Diaspora by recognizing a common racial thread." Negritude motivated colonialism. Negritude rehabilitated Africa and blacks form European ideology that considered the blacks inferior to the whites. Senghor believed there would be one world civilization, unique and universal one, through the process of enrichment, after the melting and mixings of people, race, and languages.

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