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            When trying to colonize a foreign country, political and social implications begin to emerge. Some take shape immediately while others appear over a long period.
             of time. Europeans traveled to the coasts of Africa hoping to find ways to exploit it for their own personal gain. From the slave trade to the trading of other commodities and resources, Europeans opened a window of opportunity politically and socially.
             First, we begin by looking at the short-term political and social implications in colonizing Africa. The natural goods were one of the major reasons for exploring and exploiting the land. The expansion of trade and profit among the Europeans gave the individual countries more wealth, enabling them to become a stronger political force. .
             Social interaction was crucial for two reasons. Becoming friends with the African natives was the easiest way to exploit the land. The short-term social implications led to the political. The European countries gained wealth from Africa and used it to strengthen their individual nation's political power in comparison to the rest of the world.
             The export of African goods brought more money to the country that were trying to develop it, but it also allowed each country to gain specific territories and travel routes around Africa. Socially, the Europeans wanted to change and develop the natives into intelligent, civilized people. Missionaries were sent over in attempt to convert these people into Christianity.
             Overall, we can see the change in purpose that the Europeans had in colonizing the land of Africa. The short and long-term political and social implications began and ended slave trade and created major profit through the exploitation of Africa.

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