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             When thinking about the colonial movement out of Europe into Africa and onward to the America's you have to include these historical views: Coloniality of Power, the Idea of Africa, The Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Middle Passage. When I think of the Coloniality of Power I relate back to the 16th and 17th centuries when people were judged and ranked by human intelligence and civilization by whether the people were in possession of alphabetic writing. Then came the 18th and 19th centuries where the measuring stick was history and no longer alphabetic writing. In today's modern society I feel that people are judged on education and the level of education they have received. I also feel that they are judged on how much money they have because those people with the most money seem to have total control and more power than those who do not have that much money. See people without history were located in a time "before" the "present". And the people with history were seen as the present with power. Also, when thinking about the Coloniality of Power you have to include Patriarchy. See men were identified with the values of having control, competition, and domination as their core values. With women they were associated with nature, being sensitive, giving birth, and sociable. The Coloniality of Power was seen as a male with history that made him powerful in the eyes of others. The Idea of Africa was a European Colonial Eroticists Imagination. They conceived and conveyed through conflicting systems of knowledge. It was a geographic expansion of European civilization and culture. They submitted the world to its memory. Africa also had the most unimaginable evils, the slave trade. The Idea of Africa was the power to define one's reality in one's own self-interest. The Atlantic slave trade was known as a triangular system including Europe, Africa, and America, in which Europeans would travel this triangular voyage capturing Africans than selling them for money to the territories involved in the triangular journey.

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